Cardalonia Clan Claim

Details on the upcoming $Cardalonia Clan Avatars claim.
Cardalonia clans will be claimable 5 Epochs after the Cardalonia Land sale has been concluded,
Wallets can be able to claim the clan avatars depending on the land size held.
You must hold at least 1 Land NFT during the snapshot to claim the Clan Avatars.
Check out the table below to see how many Avatars you are eligible to claim depending on the land minted.
100X100 Land: 2 Peasant Clan Avatars
150x150 Land: 3 Peasant Clan Avatars
250x250 Land: 2 Peasant + 1 Lord Clan Avatars
500x500 Land: 2 peasant + 1 Lord + 1 Royal Clan Avatars