Cardalonia Gameplay

*This is a document in progress
Each Cardalonia player will have to belong to a clan which will grant them access to limitless amount of creative possibilities to make unique experiences, exclusive hangout spots, play-to-earn competitions and more.
Each Clan is given a resource bonus:
Diamonds: Only the OGs can allot diamond bonuses as easter eggs in the game.
Gold: for the Royals as they have other resource bonuses except but Diamond as Diamond but more of Silver and Woods.
Silver: Lords and knights have a slight abundance of Silver than wood.
Wood & Food: for the peasants as they they will need to embark on multiple treasure hunts and deposit on their land before they can power up.
After extracting the resources, players can decide to sell their resources or keep them to make or acquire tools.
This depends solely on each player.
There is a time limit to which a player can extract depending on the item being extracted
player's energy declines and he will have to either get a power-up or purchase $Lonia to gain energy.
The extraction processes deteriorates the tools needed for mining that requires the tools being repaired regularly.
The token of the game will be useful to make these repairs or to create new tools.
*The number of Lonia needed for each repair and power-up will be decided by the DAO*
To Speed up the extraction process, there are various ways to acquire new tools.
It is possible to receive it as a reward for quest, to buy new tools on the cardalonian marketplace, create them, or loot them.
To create a new tool, players must use the game token and two resources: wood and gold