Clans are playable independent beings that exist as NFTs living on the Cardano Metaverse.
Clans are divided into an initial 4 distinct Categories
The OGs (The Originals) - They are the first group of aliens that discovered the Cardalonia realm and ever since has been on the forefront of the Cardalonia civilization.
The Originals are very limited in number (only 4 currently existing) An OG is born (Minted) every blue Cardalonian moon (73 Epochs)
OG's Policy ID: TBA
The Royals - The direct descendants of the originals. All unique with super rare traits and attributes.
Royals have increased abilities and have longer burnout times. Royals are a bit rare with a population of less than 2000.
Royals can only exist on a 500x500 Parcel of Cardalonia Land.
Royals Policy ID: TBA
Lords & Knights - The lords are a noble clan with great ties to the royals. Lords and knights have a great multiplying power and can be bred (locked) together with a peasant to churn either a knight or a warrior.
Lords are a more common than the Royals but rarer than the peasants.
You can Breed (ie Lock) Three peasants to breed a Lord.
The total supply of the Lords is limited to 62,000
Lords Policy ID: TBA
Peasants - Peasants are normal inhabitants of the Cardanlonia kingdom. With limited abilities, they can only exist in colonies. They are limited to treasure hunting and obtaining rewards after which they can now have the ability to complete quests.
There will be 227,000 peasants that would exist on the Cardalonia blockchain.
Peasants Policy ID: