How To Buy Lonia Token

Guide on how to buy Lonia Token

Lonia Is Now Trading On Multiple Exchanges

How To Buy On P2pb2b
After you have fully verified your account, you can then then Fund your main account on p2pb2b with USDT and then Search for LONIA or click on the LONIA/USDT Pair below.
You can purchase LONIA With USDT.
You can also send ETH, BTC to P2pb2b, swap it for USDT and then Purchase LONIA with it.
We don't advise you to leave your $LONIA tokens on a centralized exchange, you can move them to a Cardano compatible wallet like Nami, Eternl Or Yoroi and stake them in our Non Custodial Staking Vault to enjoy 20% APY without the tokens leaving your wallet and also be eligible to join in the land presale.