How To Stake $LONIA

Brief Guide On How To Stake Your $LONIA Tokens
Cardalonia Staking Vault is our way to generously reward our committed Cardalonia Seed Sale Supporters, who are early adopters in the Cardalonia Revolution!
LONIA Token Stakers will be rewarded in multiple ways:
· Monthly APY Rewards (Over 1.5% Monthly)
· Cardalonia Land Pre-Sale whitelisting (Learn More)
· DAO Participation & Governance
Virtual Revolution Staking will fairly redistribute rewards to users who trust and support Cardalonia project.

Step by Step Guide On how to Participate in the Cardalonia Staking:

  1. 2.
    Send your $Lonia Tokens to Any Cardalonia Staking Supported Wallet (We Currently Support Nami Wallet, Ccvault, Flint & Yoroi Wallet)
  2. 3.
    Go to our Staking Platform
  3. 4.
    Connect Your Cardano Wallet
  4. 5.
    Locate The Staking Button
  5. 6.
    Click On Stake
  6. 7.
  7. 8.

How does Cardalonia Flexible Staking work?

The Flexible staking works just like Staking ADA to a Cardano Stake Pool, Your LONIA just like ADA does not leave your wallet, you are given a unique stake key that represents the size of your stake.
Users are rewarded depending on the amount of LONIA Staked.
They are the key to benefits and rewards you can receive:
The Current Staking APY is 20%
You Can Boost your Staking rewards by up to 5% using the Cardalonia land NFTs.
The land NFT presale kicks off 3rd October.