The whole of Cardalonia Metaverse will consists of 49,928 parcels of land.
The land parcels are in different sizes which will be marked by their attributes / traits
Having access to a Land gives you a base to start building your metaverse off of. But more importantly, it gives you access to all of our infrastructure, blockchain layer and more that you'll need to create a thriving Cardalonia metaverse Experience.
The lands will have different size attributes (Rarities) ranging from regular land plots (The Most Common) to mountains which are rare parcels of land.
Each land has a standardized default terrain that can now be modified (Built On) by the player who can only experience the land by belonging to a clan.
There's 2 ways to acquire Cardalonia Land.
Mint / Purchase Land At A Discount During The Cardalonia Land Pre Sale
Purchase During The Public Mint
Rent a Land for long term usage and all of its ownership access using our rental system that will be released later next year.
This system will allow you to rent complete ownership of a Cardalonia Land from an existing Land owner for a set amount of $LONIA token per month.
The land sizes are listed below:
Regular plots (1x1)
Farms (3x3)
Estate (5x5)
Kingdom (7x7)
Mountain (7x7)
These plots are represented as NFTs and can be freely exchanged by the players.
Initially, each player will be able to purchase a land in a blind land sale (You won't know the type of land you will get until you receive)
Later on, the after the lands have been fully minted, you can now be able to check the traits and the rarity level of the lands as the Mountain parcels are the most rare.
The type of land you possess will determine the clan you can claim and you are only allowed to obtain the resources limited to the Clan.
Therefore, players will have the possibility to own one or more plots.
This acquisition of land will either allow the owner to exploit it for his own purposes, or to rent it to players who are unable acquire one.
A player who cannot or does not want to buy land will have two options:
- Use a community land with each resource recovered from the land being taxed lightly and the proceed going the Land owners wallet.
- Use land belonging to a landlord, with a specific yield linked to the quality of the land (more silver gold, more wood, more food)