Legal Notice

The Cardalonia Metaverse project is still very much in its infancy stage as we will be starting out development after the pre-sale and you will be unlikely to experience the virtual world (VR or otherwise) for a number of months yet as developing a metaverse (especially on cardano) is no small feat.
Cardalonia’s aim is to become a community driven alternative reality with powers given back to creators.
Lonia token owners will be able to suggest features and improvements that will aid the development of the Cardalonia metaverse.
Lonia token is a utility token! There is absolutely no promise of profits. Lonia token purpose is specifically to be used within the Cardalonia ecosystem. It should also be noted that although this documentation page covers our intentions, it may be the case that the specific mechanisms may need to adapt to changing circumstances in the course of the Project development.
Initial sales of Cardalonia clans which are represented as 3D (CNFTs) will enable each player entry into the Cardalonia metaverse where they can now acquire Lands with coordinates mapped as NFts on the Cardano blockchain.
These assets are sold as collectibles and utility tokens (only) to those wishing to participate in the development of this project and not for speculative purposes.
No future value of the Lonia token nor the Clan NFts are guaranteed or implied as all participants should be very much aware that cryptocurrency investments are volatile in nature.
All Lonia token & Clan NFT buyers accept that these digital collectibles are not being sold as a security. Equally, all buyers agree they will consult the laws of their country prior regarding cryptocurrencies.
Only purchase if you are sure with local laws.
Unfortunately due to legal uncertainty in these jurisdictions, buyers from The United States of America are excluded from our NFT sales at this time.
We may update our stance on this as the project develops.
Those looking for short terms gains are urged not to participate in the Cardalonia land and token sales now or in the future.
Please do not send ADA from exchanges or wallet that are not Cardano blockchain compatible as you will not receive your Lonia token.
Due to the decentralized nature of the sales, we are applying a strict no refund policy.
Cardalonia thanks you for your support!
Last modified 6mo ago