Lonia Token

$Lonia, The Utility Token Of Cardalonia Ecosystem
$LONIA is a CNT (Cardano Native Token) built on the Cardano blockchain with a strict supply of 100,000,000 $Lonia tokens, more never to be minted again.
It is the primary utility token used within Cardalonia.
Lonia Token is an essential component of the Cardalonia metaverse as it will be the governing token as users can choose to either hold it, stake it and earn yields that will be compounded per epoch or stake it to be able to have access to multiples advantages like:
Governance (To decide the future of Cardalonia)
Purchasing Land as Creators will have to spend Lonia to Acquire lands and also uploading their created assets in the Cardalonia Metaverse
Staking rewards (Up to 25% APY)
Whitelist for Clan Drops (depends on your amount of $LONIA staked)
Special NFT drop (more related to in game experiences and skins)
Players will be able to use $LONIA tokens to access exclusive experiences, items, perks, content and more within Cardalonia.
These tokens will be given to the owner of a Land a player is playing in, in exchange for the specific experience, items, perks as promised by the Cardalonia Land owner for a Lonia token transaction.
These transactions will happen through an in-game interface connected to the Cardano blockchain.
We’ve created the integration of the $LONIA token with Cardalonia in such a way that nearly any in-game experience can be created by Land owners and require $LONIA tokens from players in order to access or participate in such content.
Additionally, $LONIA will be required for purchasing optional, custom Cardalonia character NFTs.

Lonia Policy ID: d2d7299d615cc9ad32402135a2cfd596325ac39504ba6d28c18d18bd

We are on a mission is to create a creator friendly platform where players and developers will be encouraged to explore the limits of their imaginations while creating a unique experience for each player who will be a real contributor of the community.