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Cardalonia Is A Decentralized Cardano Play To Earn Metaverse Made By Creators For Creators

Cardalonia has been created having in mind to develop a flexible play to earn metaverse that would be easy and inexpensive to play, cutting the high entry barrier seen on Ethereum metaverse projects.
We will sideline the complexities of reinventing the wheel as we will utilize the Cardano blockchain to integrate blockchain based transaction layers, verifying player NFT ownership for admission to content and much more.
In the future, we envision to bring frictionless blockchain integrations for play to earn, cross-chain capabilities and decentralized infrastructure.
This document serves as a guide for key things you'll want to understand about Cardalonia and how to get started with Cardalonia and the $Lonia token.
As a Player, you can choose a clan, create digital assets as NFTs, deploy them to your Cardalonia land which must initially be acquired by the player either by through an airdrop or purchasing from the Land pre-sale.
Cardalonia is made up of clans as users who possess land NFTs will be able to claim and join a clan with an Avatar to be able to experience Cardalonia.
In order to buy Land, Join a Clan and be able to enjoy the exquisite treatment in Cardalonia, players need to have have $Lonia which is the central utility token that would allow crypto & non-crypto enthusiasts be a part in Cardalonia.

Cardalonia Features:

Immersive & Captivating Experiences: As immersive experiences and metaverse become a thing, Cardalonia will evolve into a full community owned Metaverse and will be able to interact with each other, and have human-like experience via pre-built virtual avatar characters.
Decentralization: All Game assets will be represented as NFTs as the ownership will be permanently written on the Cardano Blockchain.
Governance: $Lonia Token Holders will be able to participate in the Governance decisions of the Cardalonia DAO, where they can create a proposal or Vote on key elements about the Cardalonia Ecosystem.
$Lonia Token Utility: Lonia token is the utility token of the Cardalonia metaverse with multiple uses like staking to earn rewards, purchasing in-Game Items, Land Purchase.
Land: To customize your cardalonia experience, Users must first Acquire Land.

$Lonia Token

The $LONIA token is Cardalonia's in-game currency.
It is deployed on the Cardano network.
$Lonia is a token earned and used by players in Cardalonia, creating an interconnected economic ecosystem of games and experiences.
$Lonia operates unlike nearly every other Cardano token. It has been carefully thought out and it's utilities determined from the onset and also utilizing Cardano's low fees transactions and has transfer times typically averaging less than 5 seconds.
Lonia token is a core utility component of the Cardalonia ecosystem as it will have key mechanics that would make it central to the Cardalonia ecosystem.

What will $Lonia Token Be Used For?

Access To The Cardalonia Platform: Players will have to spend Lonia to Acquire Land, Avatars and In-Game Assets.
Governance Voting: Lonia holders can Vote or delegate voting rights to other players of their choice to vote on key elements such as the Cardalonia marketplace fees, features to be added or removed.
Staking: You can stake Lonia to earn rewards of up to 25% APY, and you can get passive rewards just by staking your tokens and the good thing? They never leave your wallet.
Cardalonia ORB: The Cardalonia Orb is a valuable in-game Gem that can be used to power up & mutate your Avatar.

How Will Cardalonia Metaverse Work?

It all starts with a Land. To build within the Cardalonia ecosystem, you'll need to have access to a cardalonia Land.
Having access to a Land gives you a base to start building your Metaverse off of. But more importantly, it gives you access to Cardalonia infrastructure, blockchain layer and more that you'll need to create a thriving Cardalonia metaverse Experience.
The Cardalonia metaverse is comprised of lands totaling 49,928.
The lands will have different size attributes (Rarities)
Each land has a standardized default terrain that can now be modified (Built On) by the player who can only experience the land by belonging to a clan.
There's 2 ways to acquire Cardalonia Land.
Mint / Purchase Land During The Cardalonia Land PreSale
Rent a Land for long term usage and all of its ownership access using our rental system that will be released later next year.
This system will allow you to rent complete ownership of a Cardalonia Land from an existing Land owner for a set amount of $LONIA token per month.
*Cardalonia Land Sale will be conducted after the $Lonia Token sale Rounds*
Players have 100% ownership and rights of any asset they create and can sell it on the Cardalonia Marketplace.
5% of any transaction fee on the Lonia marketplace will be allocated to the $Lonia Staking Pool to keep incentivizing new users to join the platform.

Assets In Cardalonia Ecosystem

Cardalonia will use multiple types of Cardano native tokens and CNFTs to ensure the scarcity of Uniqueness of each asset.
$Lonia: A cardano native token that will be used within the Cardalonia ecosystem as the basis of all transactions
Land: Parcels of Land (Real Estate) in the Cardalonia Metaverse.
Cardalonia Assets: Are Cardalonia Compatible User generated assets (CCA) and other resources like Wood, Gold that can be traded in the Cardalonia marketplace.

How Can Creators Make Revenue

Creators can make revenue by building in Game Assets using blender and other 3D modelling tools, importing them on the Cardalonia Marketplace and sell them as NFT Assets.
Land Ownership: Buy A Land In One Of Our Land Drops, design and populate them with your NFts to increase it’s Value.
Advisors: We have on-boarded a team of senior blockchain development advisors to help bring our mission alive
Community Growth: With a growing community of Developers, Creators and Game Players. We are gradually carving out our Niche Community.

$Lonia Tokenomics

Lonia Token Total Supply: 100,000,000 $LONIA
First Centralized Exchange to be listed on: P2pb2b
Second Centralized Exchange: (To Be Announced)
First Decentralized Exchange to be listed on Minswap (October)
$Lonia Token Staking is live as Lonia token holders can start staking their tokens to earn more $Lonia tokens below.

Partners & Integrations

Our Current Tech Stack has multiple integrations and partners
Blockchain Integrations: Cardano
Wallets: Yoroi, Nami Wallet, Eternl
IPFS (For Domain): Cloudflare
IPFS (For NFTs) Piñata
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