Tokenomics & Distribution

An overview of the currently proposed tokenomics for $LONIA.
lonia tokenomics
We've developed the initial proposal for $LONIA token distribution having the following goals in mind.
1: Heavy incentives for adopters to join and play in the Cardalonia ecosystem through the stake to earn and play-to-earn rewards.
2: Access to $LONIA for the Cardalonia team to be able to lead growth oriented competitions and partnerships in Cardalonia.
3: Staking to give players & Land owners the ability to earn $LONIA over time.

$LONIA Tokenomics


50,000,000 (50%) total $Lonia is alloted to early adopters which would give them early bird access to Mint Cardalonia Lands.


20,000,000 (20%) total $LONIA will be locked up and distributed over a 3 year target timeline to $LONIA token and land owners that stake their assets.
*You do not need to stake your asset for 3 years. What we're saying is that the total reserves will be targeted to be depleted around the 3 year mark from when staking starts.


10,000,000 (10%) total $LONIA will be locked up in the Cardalonia team's treasury.
35% of this Team $LONIA allocation will be used for in-game promotions, partnership incentives, in-game events and much more.


4,000,000 (4%) total $LONIA supply will be allocated to our advisors.


8,500,000 (8.5%) of the total $LONIA allocation will be reserved for Liquidity purposes and exchange integrations.


6,000,000 $LONIA tokens will be used for marketing to further create awareness of the Cardalonia project.


We have reserved 1,500,000 Lonia tokens for Airdrops and to reward early users.